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  • fifi replied to the topic 'help required' in the forum.
    Pics are above, won't load in here
    Read More... 48 minutes ago
  • fifi created a new topic ' help required' in the forum.
    Can anyone with saxony ducks guide me as to if this is male or female? A neighbour wants a duck and I don't want to give them a drake
    Read More... 1 hour ago
  • voorburg8789 created a new topic ' day olds and hatching eggs' in the forum.
    light columbian brahma eggs for sale can post ,

    day old brahma chicks too

    also indian runner ducklings ,

    i will be at roscommon sale
    Read More... 17 hours ago
  • S and S poultry replied to the topic 'Poultry Section at Connacht Spring Show 2015' in the forum.
    Pm me for schedule and entry form or call me on 0871867975
    Read More... 1 day ago
  • Gill replied to the topic 'upside down' in the forum.
    so basically it could be just about anything lol.
    I'll see what happens with this next lot.
    Could be to do with weak chicks - the fertility rate of this last batch was poor compared to almost 100% for the earliest lot, I had put that down to the change of roo. Will see what this next lot do.
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  • uploaded a new avatar
    profile 1 day ago
  • Jemsey replied to the topic 'upside down' in the forum.
    We did at some stage get a plausible answer to the same question a good while back but I,m not sure if it was on here or elsewhere,something tells me it was either to do with fluctuating temps leading to abnormal developmental rates or just weak chicks that did,NT get turned around in the egg in...
    Read More... 1 day ago
  • colmb1 created a new topic ' stolen Isabella brahmas' in the forum.
    Hi all, a friend of mine had 2 large fowl Isabella Brahmas robbed from West Cork last night, if anyone sees or hears anything, could you pm me please? These birds are really special to this lovely lady, so any help would really be appreciated, thanks all, Colm...[File Attachment: ]
    Read More... 2 days ago
  • Brian K created a new topic ' Drinking Nipples for Sale' in the forum.
    Poultry Drinking Nipples for Sale

    Great for use with day olds all the up to adult birds also suitable for Quail Rabbits Hamsters Etc

    We have been using these for over 15 years and find they reduce the cost of bedding and keep young chicks form drowning and they always have a clean supply of water...
    Read More... 2 days ago
  • Brian K created a new topic ' Day Olds & Hataching eggs for sale' in the forum.
    Pure Breed Day Olds available in the following breeds

    Rhode Island Reds

    Buff Sussex

    White Leghorn

    Light Sussex


    Silver Campine


    Black Minocras

    Unsexed 4 euro each

    Cuckoo Maran Pullets 5 euro each

    Collection only all parent stock can be seen

    Hatching eggs also available...
    Read More... 2 days ago
  • Gill, pearl replied to the topic 'spanish sussex' in the forum.
    It's a game of Chinese Whispers ! :lol:
    Read More... 2 days ago
  • Gill replied to the topic 'Yeah!' in the forum.
    I switched Bianca tonight from the care of her previous chicks, now 7wks to a few 3 day olds. She's such a good little hen, took about 2 mins for her to get them under her.
    They had originally been under a Sumatra bantam but she's very fierce and was making it and them impossible to handle....
    Read More... 2 days ago
  • Gill, Luggacurren_Poultry replied to the topic 'spanish sussex' in the forum.
    spanish - spangled - speckled...
    unless someone brought Sussex back from Spain, which is an unlikely scenario but
    there's French Faverolles and Marans and German/British ones which are distinctly different though supposedly the same breed.
    Read More... 2 days ago
  • pearl created a new topic ' spanish sussex' in the forum.
    has anyone ever heard of these?
    chap said he has just bought some, an they are rare :whistle:
    so was he done ?
    personaly i have never heard of them.
    Read More... 2 days ago
  • pearl created a new topic ' creamlegbar hatching eggs for sale' in the forum.
    after filling incy, i will now be selling spare eggs, proven fertile, two unrelated pens.
    photos of adults on request.
    co wexford
    ps, wont have any silkie eggs for awhile, as most hens sitting or rearing :)
    Read More... 3 days ago
  • Kieran created a new topic ' Hatching eggs for sale' in the forum.
    I will have a number of hatching eggs for sale over the next 10 days.
    Rhode Island Reds (LF) €1 each
    Lemon Millefluer Sablepoot (booted bantam) €1.50 each
    Porcelain Sablepoot (booted bantam) very rare. €2.50 each
    Gold partridge pekin €1 each.
    Good fertility.
    Mullingar area
    Read More... 3 days ago