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Recent activities

  • pearl created a new topic ' fox' in the forum.
    they are getting too clever :evil:
    [File Attachment: foxtrap005.jpg]
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  • mel created a new topic ' pekins wanted please' in the forum.
    Looking the following pekins please.

    Millefleur breeding pair.

    White hen.

    Chocolate rooster
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  • Brian K created a new topic ' Hatching Eggs Chicks & Ducks' in the forum.
    Hatching Eggs and Chicks Available in the following breeds

    Black Minocra

    White Leghorn

    Buff Sussex

    Cuckoo Maran

    Gold Laced Barnevelders

    Cream Legbar


    Silver Campine

    Eggs 1 euro each

    Chicks day old 4 euro each unsexed

    Cream Legbar & Cuckoo Maran chicks Sexed 5 euro each

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  • Collection of poultry and small animals

    Route Kildorrery Limerick Kilkenny Dublin Belfast Antrim Omagh Cavan Athlone Thurles Kildorrery
    if anyone wants poultry or small animals collected or delivered

    Contact Jer 0879901434 thanks
    profile 17 days ago
  • pearl replied to the topic 'paints' in the forum.
    9 paint eggs under a broodie (not paint broodie),
    fingers crossed.
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  • friends ciara s and Cochin are now friends
  • Lemon Pyle Brahma hatching eggs 100% fertility
    White Indian runner hatching eggs 100% fertility
    Eggs can be posted in Polly boxes or foam inserted boxes
    For the price of postage and packing

    Contact Jer 0879901434 thanks
    profile 20 days ago
  • Brian K created a new topic ' Saxony Duck Hatching Eggs' in the forum.
    For sale Pure Breed Saxony Duck Hatching Eggs

    Parent Stock can be seen.

    Eggs 2 euro each

    Navan Co Meath


    Call Brian on 0864043998 or 0469021330
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  • Cochin created a new topic ' PKCI 2016' in the forum.
    Hi, I have emailed the Club Newsletter to paid up members together with Booking Form for PCGB National Poultry Show held in Telford later this the year. I have also posted same to those I haven't got an email address for. If you think you should have received this, and are a paid up member, please...
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  • pearl replied to the topic 'paints' in the forum.
    wahoo :woohoo: first egg from the paints ,today, hopefully the rest will follow.
    was so lucky with these, i bought 7 from steve thorpe at the national, an 6 were pullets ! :woohoo:
    i also have a unrelated roo from daniel lucy , so well sorted.
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  • pearl created a new topic ' wheaten maran roo' in the forum.
    looking to swop or buy, wheaten maran roo, mine are too closly
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  • friends goodwin and Jer are now friends
  • Gill replied to the topic 'roo damage? (graphic pics, be warned!)' in the forum.
    Gotta love the resilience - she laid an egg this morning! Totally amazing.
    this is what she looks like this afternoon, still wide open but it's slowly closing over. Lots of antiseptic (I use Hibitane - chlorhexedine (sp) , used in hospitals, vet surgeries, and even mouth wash) flushing and the other...
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  • Gill, Bonzie replied to the topic 'roo damage? (graphic pics, be warned!)' in the forum.
    She's doing great :)
    her comb and face are a good colour though the skin on her head around the hole is dark. I'm still alternating the cothivet and wound powder. It's a good few days since she had her last shot of antibiotics and she seems fine so I'll leave it at that unless I see any signs of...
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  • marco created a new topic ' Gold Dutch bantam hens' in the forum.
    As above.Has anyone in the Galway Mayo area got any for sale.I'm looking for 2 or 3.
    Read More... 42 days ago