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Recent activities

  • corrachombra replied to the topic 'Guinea Fowl Keets' in the forum.
    3 of the off-heat Guinea Fowl Keets SOLD. 4 still available + the day-olds.
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  • Murf replied to the topic 'Variety of birds for sale' in the forum.
    Choc pekin pair sold.
    Blue mottle hens sold.
    3 cuckoo hens sold.
    White call pair sold.
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  • pearl replied to the topic 'larchill' in the forum.
    oops,sorry,its just your avator pic an hers on another site are near the same,right down to the red hair ,lol.i can put up pics of the white pullet if you want.
    Read More... 5 hours ago
  • Cusleibhe replied to the topic 'Gosford' in the forum. 18 hours ago
  • steno, tony@cwfarm, pearl, landkeeper replied to the topic 'larchill' in the forum.
    Hi Pearl, No sorry wrong person!. I probably won't know until Saturday if I will be able to go to Myshall, but if I was and she was still available would be interested in the white pullet.
    Read More... 19 hours ago
  • Or clonakilty
    Read More... 21 hours ago
  • uploaded a new avatar
    profile 22 hours ago
  • pearl, jonsaunders replied to the topic 'bantam light sussex eggs' in the forum. 23 hours ago
  • rb123 created a new topic ' ******Top quality call ducks*****' in the forum.
    I have a top quality pair of this years mallard call ducks for sale these birds mother got on championship row at the irish society of poultry fanciers national young birds show last year.these birds would be great for showing or breeding as they come from a great egg laying anytime for...
    Read More... 1 day ago
  • pearl created a new topic ' larchill' in the forum.
    anyone going? :cheer:
    Read More... 1 day ago
  • Adrian Kelly created a new topic ' Africans saxonies Incubator and cages' in the forum.
    Young Pair of African geese, parents are also in pictures. 160 pair magnificent birds.

    Saxony ducks females 25 euro drakes 15 euro some ducks in photos coming into adult plumage

    Incubator brinsea 380 ova easy will take 400 quick sale very clean perfect working order

    Metal poultry cages,...
    Read More... 2 days ago
  • liam m replied to the topic 'roscommon poultry sale wishlist :)' in the forum.
    Pair milaflure bar bu e
    Pair buff Pekins
    Three choclate winadot pullets
    One polish pullet
    Twn silver dutch hens
    And a pair of sablepoots
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  • corrachombra created a new topic ' Guinea Fowl Keets' in the forum.
    At present we have 7 off-heat Guinea Fowl Keets available @ €7.50/each.
    Also for sale are day-old Guinea Fowl Keets @ €4.00/each.
    If interested reply here, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or TEXT 089-4495743
    Cavan/Leitrim/Fermanagh area near Ballyconnell
    Read More... 2 days ago
  • Ander replied to the topic 'Stolen' in the forum.
    Really sorry to hear you were robbed. I well remember your idyllic set up. It seems lowlifes are everywhere. The sad thing is they will have no idea what they have stolen or how upsetting and invasive their behaviour has been. We'll keep a watch out.
    Read More... 2 days ago
  • a pollock created a new topic ' silkies for sale' in the forum.
    I have 16 wk pb white silkies for sale
    3 pullets and 3 roosters
    also 2 pb welsummer hen 2yr old and laying
    and a 2yr old maran hen
    Will bring to roscommon Sept 7 th
    Call or text 0876252103 for more details
    Read More... 2 days ago
  • abutler, Dolmen replied to the topic 'moveable coop / ark ...' in the forum.
    Sorry I completely forgot about the pictures

    [File Attachment: image_2014-08-25.jpg]
    It is a fairly basic rectangular box shape, this one is about 5' long, 2' wide and 3' tall. Usually they are up on wheels to keep them off the ground but this one isn't.

    [File Attachment: image_2014-08-25-2.jpg]
    This one only houses some young...
    Read More... 2 days ago
  • Jemsey, MissyFitzo replied to the topic 'Reynoldstown 26th Annual Bring and Buy Sale' in the forum.
    Once bitten twice shy........or so you would think but apparently not if you intend having birds bought at the same sale.
    Any sale where you buy 12 different breeds from various lads and expect them to all be healthy is just living in fantasy land.
    Now while i can sympathise with the fact that back...
    Read More... 2 days ago